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Day Off, Well, Lie In At Least

As most of you know, I am a champion sleeper. My love of sleeping has led me to develop the skill to the highest level. I can sleep anywhere, any time. I even fell asleep while pacing to try to keep myself awake waiting for the bus in Tokyo six days into my seven-day mammoth journey across the world to Project Tohoku. This week our day off was moved to Wednesday to accommodate Ambassador Roos’ visit – which we swimmingly, by the way – and seven straight days of work meant I was seriously looking forward to a few extra hours in my nest, I mean bed.

Only a few of us have already moved into the new base, on account of it not quite being finished, so it’s very peaceful. I woke up late and rolled out of bed after 10 so a successful lie-in in my opinion, especially in a communal living environment. I got up because the portable toilets we’ll be using until we can fit something more permanent inside the new base turned up. A comedy of errors ensued. The buses we use to transport volunteers were in the way of where the toilets needed to go and we could only find the keys for one, being not quite in order after the move.

Then, keys in hand and debating who was going to attempt to move the bus all three bus drivers turned up to have lunch together at the Chinese restaurant across the street. One of them leapt to the rescue. Finally the crane couldn’t unload them into position due to overhead power lines in the way so they were put on the pavement and poor Masa and Neil had to help the guy carry the 80kg units into the right places!

Our lovely kitchen ladies also stopped by this afternoon to prepare the kitchen space for its first meal tomorrow so this evening Yukiko and I did a quick run to the hardware store to pick up the supplies they requested including, most importantly, fly spray. I’ll give you the full story in the next post, complete with pictures but for now just know that Ofunato is swarming with big black flies. Hopefully All Hands can come to the rescue.


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Fell in love with the crazy, inspiring, all-or-nothing world of disaster response and the wonderfully ridiculous, hard-working people who are drawn to it. Currently working in the Philippines as part of the recovery efforts after Typhoon Washi/Sendong! Want to know more? Check out disasterchasers.wordpress.com.


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