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Haiti, Project Leogane

Well At Least its Not Bed Bugs

Accompanying my friend to the hospital to have her huge pus-filled armpit swelling lanced I took the opportunity to ask the doctor about a mysterious rash of red dots that have spread over the last couple of days, from my left hand, up my arm, across my back and down the other side! Fearing that my pillow was infested with bedbugs and would therefore have to be burned – bear in mind there’s nowhere to buy another and I sleep on the floor – I was happy to hear that either I’m being bitten by ants and need to move my bed or I have an allergic reaction and need to wash more often. Considering how often I’ve been showering – read: not a lot – I’m going with the second one and am now making a concerted effort to shower at least once a week – joking, once a day. Probably.


About Jess UK

Fell in love with the crazy, inspiring, all-or-nothing world of disaster response and the wonderfully ridiculous, hard-working people who are drawn to it. Currently working in the Philippines as part of the recovery efforts after Typhoon Washi/Sendong! Want to know more? Check out disasterchasers.wordpress.com.


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