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Day 1 – Kumusta Volunteers

Project CDO has opened its doors to its first official volunteers. The All Hands old hands were out in the field
flying the flag as new volunteers started arriving at the base. The team hauled and scrubbed and bucketed and gutted. Back here at the house forms were being signed, papers were filed, the copier was humming, both bathrooms were occupied. Later the showers were full of mud and muddy people, the tools have been cleaned but have happily lost that new tool lustre after a day’s hardcore typhoon response. And even more people should arrive over the next couple of hours.

Not only are things happening on the volunteer side. Word is spreading about who we are, what we do and how we do it. The family who lived in the house our team went to today came out in force to help with the clean-up operation and many more stopped by. Impressed by what they saw they requested our help with cleaning their own houses.

Projects are in the pipeline, partnerships are coming together, relationships are bearing fruit, friends are being made, associations developed. There is the sound of new boots being stepped into and clean (not for long!) shirts being pulled on and the smell of willingness to work like you’ve never worked before is in the air.

The project has come to life.


About Jess UK

Fell in love with the crazy, inspiring, all-or-nothing world of disaster response and the wonderfully ridiculous, hard-working people who are drawn to it. Currently working in the Philippines as part of the recovery efforts after Typhoon Washi/Sendong! Want to know more? Check out disasterchasers.wordpress.com.


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