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Snake Slaying …

We’ve had a couple of interesting jobs going on this week, broadening the menu of work available again now that our volunteer numbers have increased. In the run up to Holy Week numbers dropped off as people went on break and volunteer turnover was high as short term volunteers wanted to wait and arrive after April 9th to avoid spending a big part of their time idle.

Getting back into the swing of things this week a team set out on Monday morning to begin clearing the scrub and brush on a two hectare site that CRS is going to build transitional shelters on. The plot looked like prime snake country and the team were nicknamed the snake slayers. Armed with rakes and machetes the 7 All Hands volunteers made a valiant start hacking at trees and bushes.

The the Mormons showed up. CRS had asked the local LDS church to provide a handful of people to help us and make sure we were able to finish within the 6 day deadline. Turns out there was some miscommunication and the 8 we were expected turned into a crowd of 80! 80 yellow vested local volunteers appeared armed with all manner of useful tools and the newly massive team got down to business. Needless to say with so many hands on deck the job was finished before the end of the work day. Two hectares completely cleared! Big thanks to the LDS team and our volunteers for a job well done in just 20% of the time we thought it would take.

Just one more amazing feather in the Project CDO hat. Help us do more by voting for us in an online review here. The winner will get $2500 towards their project – in All Hands terms that would mean 125 more volunteer days and if the story above doesn’t show you just what that could achieve, nothing will!


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