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Operation Canal Chaos

I just had a very good week at Project Tohuku. With my daily task of doing assessments and being the principal organizer of day to day work scheduling for All Hands I have managed to organize a very cool project.

The project is a drainage and canal clearing project for general water drainage here in Ofunato. The precursor to this project was when a team of volunteers cleared a large canal in between two blocks of houses a week ago. The reason we assisted was that this particular canal would raise up during large rains because of blockage from tsunami mud and debris. Once we cleared this canal with permission from the city council we received further clearance to clean a much larger stretch of canal in another area.

Along with the large city canal we got clearance to remove mud and debris from grey water sewage ditches in front of local residential areas.  These ditches allow all shower and sink water to flow from an entire neighborhood that was affected by the tsunami.  People moving back to these homes can’t currently use their water supplies until these canals and ditches are cleared. With specifics including areas to put the sludge removed and cooperation with local construction workers we will start the canal and ditch project in days to come.  To date no job on this project will test the volunteers like this one will. It will allow them to do the dirty hard work All Hands Volunteers is known for.


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